Every Jade Phoenix 100% cashmere sweater is a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed creation. The sweaters are adorned with precious and semi-precious faceted gem jewel buttons or real pearls, and are unique in their own right. Each sweater is registered and numbered, and no two are alike.

One extra gem jewel or pearl button accompanies every sweater for replacement purposes in case of a lost gem. The gem jewel and pearl buttons are affixed through a very special process, and Jade Phoenix sweaters gem jewel and pearl buttons come with a lifetime guarantee--so should any gem button become loose, we recommend that you send the sweater and the loose/replacement gem to us. The repair and return of your sweater will be performed at no cost.

In order to maintain the original beauty of the garments, please follow very carefully the care and cleaning instructions included with your sweater. If you would like to create a sweater of your own, please CONTACT US with specifics, and we will assist you in the design and execution of your custom sweater.