Designer/Founder Lena Evans was born in Saigon, Vietnam to parents of French and Vietnamese descent. Using her birth-given Vietnamese name (Phueng Ngoc translated to English is Jade Phoenix) as the labelís moniker, Lena custom-designs 100% cashmere sweaters for women, girls, men and boys adorned with precious and semi-precious jewels which beautify the garments and serve as functional buttons.

The Jade Phoenix line of sweaters was bourne from Lena's love of cashmere and her frustration with the low quality buttons (typically plastic or shell) that were used on them. Now, the most discerning clients may have cashmere with quality buttons made from precious and semi-precious gems. From the women's and girls collection, to the men's and boys collection, to the original Birthday Sweater--cashmere luxury has reached its pinnacle.

A successful early career as a senior Hollywood motion picture finance and production executive sealed Lena's relationships with celebrity clientele. With a desire to indulge her passion for fashion and luxury, she cultivated the symbiosis of the celebrity-driven fashion and film industries to pave the way for a natural transition as an insider in the high-fashion world. Lena artfully bridges the two industries to stay on the forefront of the desires of trendsetters and those who cater to them. 

In addition to her passion for fashion, food and adventure, Lena serves her community with positions on the local Symphony, Ballet, Theatre, and Children's Hospital Board of Directors, along with hands-on involvement with several other children's causes. She cherishes family time with her two sons and her real estate entrepreneur husband, and also enjoys golf, yoga, tennis and travel.

Although her home base is in Rancho Santa Fe, California (near Del Mar, La Jolla and San Diego), Lena traverses the globe to gain inspiration by studying the world's most celebrated designers.

Lena is pleased to share the fruit of her inspiration and vision with a most exclusive and discerning clientele. She also welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you to integrate your own, personal style for custom orders.